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Australasian Human Research Ethics Consultancy Services Pty Ltd (AHRECS)
Senior Consultants

One of the strengths of Australasian Human Research Ethics Consultancy Services (AHRECS) is our expertise, applied knowledge and project capacity. What we bring to any project is a strong theoretical background, knowledge of the latest international trends and developments, and the practical experience to deliver excellent results for our clients.

We have a well established track record in developing and delivering training programs in research ethics, including conference, seminar and workshop formats for large and small groups. Our programs can be tailored for researchers, research ethics advisors, research ethics committees, administrators and support staff.

All of the AHREC senior consultants are confident and engaging presenters, well experienced in conducting successful training and other workshops. We consistently receive excellent feedback both from participants and our clients.

AHREC also has considerable expertise in assisting institutions to develop and implement best-practice research ethics and integrity frameworks, including the process of change-management.

The AHREC senior consultants also have excellent contacts both locally and internationally, which means we can provide our clients with insights into regulatory trends and likely future developments.