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Whiteboard video by UWA students – human research ethics and social research


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Each year, Assoc. Prof. Farida Fozdar (who works with AHRECS’ Prof. Mark Israel) runs an intensive postgraduate unit on Social Research Ethics. Social Research Ethics is designed for recent graduates from any degree and major who want to pursue a career in, or simply develop their skills in, social research, postgraduates embarking on doctoral studies involving social research, or graduates already in the workforce that wish to gain further knowledge to advance their career opportunities related to social research methods. This year, students from Indonesia, Singapore, Ghana, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Australia took the unit in Perth.

The unit can be taken on its own or as part of the Master of Social Research Methods at the University of Western Australia, which delivers highly transferable and much sought after social research skills with a ‘hands on’ approach, giving students the skills to find and generate information on pressing social questions. It also provides the skills needed to prepare and present research findings in ways that have an impact. If you are interested in enrolling in either the unit or the Masters, please contact Farida at

As part of the assessment for Social Research Ethics, students produce a short video explaining a key concept to future generations of students. From time to time, we’ll post some of the work completed by students in the unit on the AHRECS site.

This first video that we feature was created by Joanne Collins and Tamara Sindhunakorn. It explores the issues of informed consent and confidentiality in qualitative and online research. The students cram a lot of information into three minutes. Having recently produced our own whiteboard video on resourcing reflective practice, we know how difficult it can be to do so while representing diversity and allowing an occasional flash of humour. Respect. Gary and Mark

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