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The Australian Sociological Association (TASA)


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“TASA is a vibrant organisation committed to promoting sociology in Australia, facilitating sociology, teaching and research, enhancing the professional development of sociologists and assisting sociologists to play a leading role in public conversations about critical social issues. TASA promotes the need for sociological thinking and skills to be placed at the centre of public life. We actively promote sociology in Australia through our events and publications and through engaging in policy discussions around key issues affecting sociology in higher education. We are also committed to growing our connections with sociologists working across the Asia-Pacific region. To this end, our 2015 conference is to be held at James Cook University in Cairns, with participation from sociologists across our region. TASA has a long history, for over 50 years we have been actively promoting our discipline and supporting our members.”

The TASA web site incorporates the TASA Ethical Guidelines –

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