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Plagiarism struggles (Paper: Brian Martin 2008)

Published/Released on January 14, 2016 | Posted by Admin on January 14, 2016 / , , , , , , ,

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Abstract: Plagiarism can be analysed as struggle between perpetrators and opponents. The main tactics of weak perpetrators, such as students, are hiding their plagiarism and trying to explain it away. Powerful perpetrators can deploy more types of tactics, including disparaging the target, using official channels that give an illusion of justice, and making threats. Two case studies involving allegations of plagiarism are used to illustrate tactics used.

Brian Martin. Plagiarism struggles. Plagiary: Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Plagiarism, Fabrication, and Falsification, Vol. 3, 2008. Tactics used by (alleged) plagiarists and those trying to detect or expose them.

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