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Australasian Human Research Ethics Consultancy Services Pty Ltd (AHRECS)

What’s new with AHRECS?


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You may have already noticed that a refresh of the design/functionality of the AHRECS web site is underway. On the front page now there is a ticker of key sections. There is a feed from the LinkedIn company page ( – please follow us. There are links to the latest ten blog posts and the ten most recent additions to the Resource Library. There is a contact form on the home page and links to the bios/contact details of the senior consultants, Starting with the home page the AHRECS site is moving to a responsive layout so it’ll work the same on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. <Note we held Gary away from the typewriter so he didn’t insert in any unnecessary Apple references.>

During the last few months and into the months ahead:

Bond University – Design and delivery of research integrity workshops for HDR candidates and early career researchers

ECU – Working with the University to implement the resourcing reflective practice approach and the University Research Ethics Manual. Design and delivery of professional development human research ethics workshops for HREC members and separate workshops for researchers.

Federation University – Design and delivery of a human research ethics workshop for experienced members of a HREC.

UNSW – Design and delivery of a sequence of short webinars for HREC members; and

Victoria University – Assistance with a number of research integrity matters.

We designed and delivered workshops on research ethics and the scholarship of teaching and learning for two Sydney-based universities.

We delivered a day-length workshop in Sydney on social research ethics for a national research organisation.

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