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Social Media Research & Ethics


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Segment 1: An Introduction to Social Media and Research Ethics


The current influx of social media data presents a valuable opportunity for researchers to access large data sets of rich, naturally occurring data. While researchers have begun taking advantage of this opportunity, questions have arisen around the ethics of how that data should be used. Dr. Leanne Townsend explains these questions and presents a framework for solutions, including case studies to practice application.

Townsend, L. (Academic). (2017). Social media research & ethics [Streaming video]. Retrieved from SAGE Research Methods 04/07/2o17.

The video should advance automatically through the segments of this very practical and useful talk Just in case we have included below direct links to each segment and a consolidated transcript as a PDF

Watch the other segments
Segment 2: Why do researchers need ethical guidance when using social media data?
Segment 3: What are the key areas of concern within social media research?
Segment 4: A Framework For Ethical Research With Social Media Data
Segment 5 – Case studies
Segment 6 – Conclusion

PDF transcript of talk

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