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Research Integrity: Case Studies – ORI Resource


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Follow the story of Dr. Thompson’s laboratory. Experience the issues that arise from being in a small lab through the eyes of a new principal investigator (PI), a postdoctoral fellow, and a graduate student. These case study videos address topics such as mentoring relationships, authorship, publication, data integrity, and potential research misconduct.

Eleven short video case studies explore research integrity topics in a fictional but very relatable laboratory. Even though the setting is a health sciences laboratory the topics are very relevant to collaborative research in other disciplines. The videos are followed by trigger questions for further reflection/discussion.

Biased Peer Review or Flawed Methodology? (2:52)
Choosing the Right Lab (2:52)
Reproducibility or Luck? The Struggle to Get Results (3:46)
Data Cherry Picking (2:57)
The Misuse of Placeholders (2:14)
To Proceed or Not to Proceed Without Raw Data? (4:07)
Crossing the Line into Misconduct (3:45)
I Wrote It, Why Re-Write It? (2:12)
When Authorship Gets Personal (2:33)
How Impact Factors Impact You (1:57)
You Suspect Research Misconduct. Now What? (1:57)


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