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Protocols for working with Indigenous artists


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Protocols produced by the Australia Council for the Arts for the commissioning of music, writing, visual arts, media arts and performing arts. In December 2014 the Australian Research Council recommended that all funded institutions adhere to theses protocols. The protocols discuss a range of ethical considerations, such as:

  1. engaging artists;
  2. adapting work;
  3. traditional motifs;
  4. representation of deceased people;
  5. secret and sacred materials;
  6. moral rights;
  7. Indigenous control;
  8. attribution and copyright;
  9. respect and proper returns.

The ARC also stated that “the Protocols may also have much broader application, and, as applicable, advises that any researchers accessing, using or reproducing music, literature, arts, images or ceremonies of Indigenous peoples, or Indigenous cultural materials conduct their research in accordance with these protocols.”

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