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Harassment in the Field – Inside Higher Ed (Colleen Flaherty | October 2017)

Published/Released on October 17, 2017 | Posted by Admin on October 17, 2017 / , , , , , ,

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Study finds patterns of harassment and sexist treatment of scholars in far-flung locations that offer few of the protections of campuses.

Many institutional (and national) human research ethics/research ethics arrangements don’t give much attention (if any) to risks to researchers. Consequently strategies to mitigate those risks (such as the sickening ones discussed in this piece) are rarely within the remit of research ethics committees. But these matters are risks that demand discussion and need to be addressed.

Many academics regard fieldwork — the chance to make discoveries and come face-to-face with what they’ve spent years studying — as a career highlight. Beyond that, it’s a crucial to career development. So a 2014 study highlighting widespread sexual harassment at academic field sites struck a chord — or rather, was so discordant with many scientists’ perceptions of what fieldwork should be that it’s still frequently cited.

Last week, for example, Science offered the grim finding of that 2014 study as background in a major story on Boston University investigating its chair of Earth and environment for alleged sexual harassment of trainees in Antarctica. Some 71 percent of 512 self-selecting female respondents reported being sexually harassed during fieldwork, the overwhelmingly majority of them trainees at the time, according to the study.

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