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Estonian Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (Guidelines | 2017)

Published/Released on February 01, 2017 | Posted by Admin on February 13, 2020 / , , , , , , , , ,

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The earliest codes of ethics in Estonia were formulated during the first period of independence (1918-1940). For instance, the first code of ethics for veterinarians was approved by the Council of the Chamber of Veterinarians on 6 March 1938. The Union of Estonian Veterinarians has now adopted a new Code of Ethics (available in Estonian only), stating general principles, veterinarians’ responsibilities toward the client, rules of professional conduct and collegial relationships. Several codes of ethics and mission statements can be found in various fields, regulating professional conduct and ethical rules in professional unions, non-governmental organisations, and private corporations. According to The Handbook of Codes of Conduct (2007), published by the Tartu University Centre for Ethics, there were approximately 90 codes of conduct in different fields in 2007.

An essential resource if your institution conducts research in Estonia.

For example, there are codes of ethics (available in Estonian only) for teachers, doctors, psychologists, engineers, and so on. The Estonian Medical Association has formulated the Estonian Code of Medical Ethics which states general principles, doctors’ responsibilities toward patients and in practice, and principles in collegial relationships. TheUnion of Estonian Psychologists has articulated Union of Estonian Psychologists for its members. A Code of Conduct for members of the Estonian Association of Engineers was approved in 1996 by its General Assembly.

The Code of Ethics of Estonian Scientists was approved in 2002 by the General Assembly of the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

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