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Australasian Human Research Ethics Consultancy Services Pty Ltd (AHRECS)

Resource design

Well designed resources can play a powerful and constructive role as a component of an institution’s human research ethics and research integrity arrangements. Good resources highlight that HRE and RI are not solely the responsibility of research office staff or just rules to be complied with. Great resources can assist researchers with the ethical design and conduct of their research. Great resources have the objective of facilitating research not enforcing compliance.

Blackboard with the words "WE CAN HELP!!!" written in chalk, with a hand dotting the last exclamation pointThe AHRECS team has decades of experience in producing:

(i) short reference/resource/quick-intro sheet (typically 4-6pp) that provides a collegiate introduction to a topic, practical tips, and a launching point to longer resources  and academic references;

(ii) booklets (whether standalone, part of a kit/set, or part of a manual) that provides further detail than a resource sheet (see i above) but has the same practical, collegiate and facilitative approach as the sheets;

(iii) ‘Shot’ videos (no more than eight minutes in length, which are power points with voice-overs.

(iv) vignettes for use internally conducted that don’t have the objective of “can you spot what’s wrong with this project?” to “how could this approach be modified so the project can proceed?”; and

(v) games that can be used to generate discussions about ethics and integrity topics.

We can work with you to produce resources tailored to the needs of your research community.