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Australasian Human Research Ethics Consultancy Services Pty Ltd (AHRECS)

Research Ethics Adviser networks

A strategy we usually recommend to clients (because we think it’s a powerful way to transform perceptions/attitudes/climate) is the creation of a network of collegiate Research Ethics Advisers.

REAs are experienced researchers who have agreed to serve as a source of advice, feedback and support to other researchers in their school, centre or department.

AHRECS can provide:

(i) a paper presenting an argument for creating an REA network at your institution;

(ii) a draft policy with regard to the recruitment, formal engagement, role, induction and ongoing professional development and support;

(iii) design and delivery of an induction workshop and template for ongoing professional development;

(iv) design and delivery of short recorded talks that could be incoporated into a professional development workshop for experienced REAs; and

(v)  a paper about how toget the best from your REA network.