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Australasian Human Research Ethics Consultancy Services Pty Ltd (AHRECS)

Research Ethics Committee Coaching

Most people who play (or follow) a sport are familiar with how important the role of coaches can be in helping to refine the practice of even the most celebrated professional. Business executives have also been turning to coaches.

The same intuitive appreciation might not necessarily be the case for thinking about the work of a research ethics committee. However, we would argue that the same principle applies.

Even the most experienced, polished research ethics committee can benefit from independent, expert and frank coaching.

A critical step in such a coaching process is identifying and acknowledging the current strengths and excellence of an institution’s existing review arrangements – how successful are they in producing effective reviews of the ethics of research. These outcomes can be achieved by a variety of means – there is no one way of being an excellent research ethics committee.  However, those responsible for good research ethics review are likely to benefit from understanding, learning from and contributing to better national and international practice.

For decades, AHRECS team members have been providing advice, guidance and other assistance to institutions and their HRECs. Our clients have found these services have improved the operation of their HRECs.  However, so far, these services have been typically provided on a single occasion or to address a specific aspect of HREC operation.  Recognising that successful coaching relies on continuity and regular attention to development and improvement, we want to offer these services in the form of a coaching service to Australian and New Zealand committees.


  1. includes experienced current and former Chairpersons, committee members and research managers;
  2. includes people who have chaired/served on national committees relating to the work and operation of research ethics committees, the ethical design and conduct of research, the governance of research ethics review, and research funding;
  3. has published on constructive practice in research ethics review;
  4. is conversant in international best practice;
  5. has provided advice to research ethics committees and institutions in Australia, Canada, Mauritius, New Zealand, East Asia (including the PRC, Taiwan and Vietnam) and the United Kingdom;
  6. is part of an international team working on resources for European researchers and research ethics reviewers; and
  7. has provided consultancy advice on human research ethics to universities, health service providers, government departments and other public sector bodies, non-government organisations and the private sector.

AHRECS maintains excellent ongoing relations with former clients, has professional indemnity insurance for our consultancy work and our senior consultants are some of the most highly regarded experts in the human research ethics sphere.


We include a confidentiality clause in the engagement agreement/contract. Our commitment to client privacy includes protecting the intellectual property within ethics applications and the sensitivity of the operation of research ethics committees.


Our proposed package includes:

  1. meetings with the chair and manager of the ethics committee prior to the start of coaching, during the three-six month program and 12 months after the program;
  2. the production of a paper about the objectives of the coaching program for the institution;
  3. observation of at least three meetings of the committee either in person or via video conference;
  4. a desktop review of the agenda papers at each of the meetings;
  5. comments following each observed meeting with suggested refinements and improvements, and
  6. a final report on the outcomes from the program.

Costing can be provided for in-person attendance at meetings, additional individual and confidential mentoring for the chair, manager or the secretary, and the production of a blueprint for the adoption of the resourcing reflective practice approach.


A standard coaching package costs $9000 plus GST. A fixed-price quotation can be provided for customised requirements.


Send an email to for any enquiries, to request a meeting to discuss your specific enquiries and to check our availability for specific dates.