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University of Southern Queensland

Testimonial: “AHRECS delivered an exceptional ethics training and professional development workshop to our HREC members as well as a highly valued workshop to our research community, including staff and students. The experience and skills of the Consultants ensured that the content of the workshops was both relevant and practical.   The “reflective practices approach” which was a focus of workshop discussion has certainly helped ensure an improvement in the quality of ethics applications which are submitted, and a more robust approach to the review process. We continue to receive very supportive feedback from workshop participants, and would have no hesitation in welcoming AHRECS back in the future.”

The University engaged AHRECS  to design and deliver capacity building/professional development workshops for its researchers and HREC members.  This included exploring the experiences of other institutions and strategies for promoting a positive culture of resourcing practice and facilitating research.  This two day program culminated in AHRECS providing strategic advice for USQ’s senior executive.

USQ achieved full university status in 1992 and can trace its origins for more than 46 predecessor institutions.  USQ is a regional university with three campuses in southern Queensland.  The University has a developing research profile and HDR student base, with a strong commitment to research excellence.