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AHRECS has considerable expertise in conducting workshops for HDR students, HDR supervisors, ECRs, and more experienced research staff.  Our work has been extremely well received by researchers, even when research ethics has previously been a source of frustration and confusion.  We have tailored workshops for specific disciplinary areas as well as specific particular and topical ethical challenges.

The AHRECS Senior Consultants bring together a unique and highly experienced team that can credibly speak to researchers, whatever their disciplinary background, research experience,  knowledge of research ethics, or capacity.

For example: We conducted a roundtable for USQ which focused upon the National Statement to real ethical challenges in the design, conduct and reporting of research.  We received extremely positive feedback on this session.

We can provide workshops to help institutions to meets its obligations for awareness and training, as per the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007) and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (2007).  Our researcher workshops have also be used as part of a reform program, to address specific researcher difficulties and to workshop ‘bottom-up’ solutions to problems.

We have found one of the most constructive strategies for institutions is to appoint Research Ethics Advisors – members of academic staff who are collegiate sources of information and advise to researchers in their area.  We can assist with the establishment of a REA network, training and support.