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Human Research Ethics

Research integrity advice and training

The AHRECS’ Senior consultants bring together considerable experience with regards to integrity matters such as: authorship; conflicts of interest; data storage; and research misconduct.  We have worked with a range of research institutions, government bodies, non-government organisations, research groups and the private sector to advise on the implementation of positive research integrity strategies.  In our experience the most effective way for institutions to address their responsibilities with regards to the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research is to focus upon the culture of research conduct within the institution.  This includes producing resource material and tools, rather than rules and forms.  This also involves a commitment to training for HDR students, supervisors, ECRs and more experienced researchers – including discipline specific approaches and recognising that different approaches will be required depending upon the relative research experience of the audience.

We are confident that we will be able to assist your institution formulate a high quality, robust, effective and sustainable approach to research integrity.  AHRECS can produce and deliver research integrity training for your institution, produce resource material, and provide a ‘health check’ of your existing arrangements.