Research integrity

For decades the AHRECS team has been working in the research integrity sphere with Research Integrity Adviser, researchers, research office staff in organisations large and small across Australia.

Our work in the research integrity sphere has included:

Research Integrity Adviser

  • orientations for new Research Integrity Advisers #
  • refresher professional development workshops #
  • in-meeting short professional development activities #
  • roundtables for experienced advisers #

Researcher professional development

  • higher degree research student/candidate professional development workshops #
  • early career researcher professional development workshops #
  • HDR supervision accreditation/professional development #
  • briefings on developments, new issues and emergent practices #
  • roundtables for experienced researchers #

Policy, processes and resources

  • desktop audit of current documents and practices
  • drafting of new policies, procedures and resources
  • briefing notes and advice on specific questions
  • blueprints for changed approach (e.g. adopting the resourcing reflective practice approach)


  • support and advice on investigations
  • chairing and participating in inquiry panels
  • advice on the learning institution approach

Research Integrity Advisers

  • a more collegiate role
  • appointment
  • professional development and support

Our work can be tailored to the specific needs of your institution.
# These can be delivered on-site, in combination with other institutions, remotely as a webinar, or remotely as individually-paced downloads.

To enquire about the ways in which AHRECS can assist your institution contact us at or