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Post panel room

We hoped you enjoyed the Constructive Voices panel discussion, which was the first of what we hope will be a sequence of free events – including a panel discussion about the recent update to the National Statement (which is happening on 22 November 2018).

Below are some resources suggested by the speakers and a feedback form to tell us what you think.

A recording of today’s discussion will be available for the next 90 days for free from the Resource Library. It will then be moved to the subscribers’ area.

By becoming a subscriber (from USD1/month) you will not only gain access to a growing library of high-quality resources (2 or more items are added every month) you will also supporting events like the Constructive Voices panel discussions. A subscription of USD15/month provides access to all the materials.

Items left by the speakers


Full ppt from Jillian’s talk

Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (2018)

Guide to Managing and Investigating Potential Breaches of the Code


Dr Karolyn White’s ppt


World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI) to be held on June 2-5, 2019 in Hong Kong

The Singapore Statement on Research Integrity

Are we missing the true picture? Stop calling a moneybox, a fishing hook

Australian Code 2018: What institutions should do next

Below is a recording of the panel discussion. It will here for 90 and afterwards, the materials will be archived on the Patreon site for AHRECS subscribers.


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