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Australasian Human Research Ethics Consultancy Services Pty Ltd (AHRECS)

Other Consultants

AHRECS senior consultants bring together considerable direct knowledge and practical experience in research integrity, human research ethics, research training and research governance.  Our complementary skills set and prior work enables us to provide a largely unrivalled consultancy service for Australasia.

We may draw on our international professional network to add specialist skills or experience to the team for a particular project. Our network includes practitioners/experts/commentators with whom we have previously worked, many of whom are recognised in their own right as experts or leaders in their respective fields. If an additional consultant is to be added to the project team, this will either be identified in our original project proposal or will subsequently be formally communicated to the client. We will identify the nature and extent of their role.

When preparing a proposal for a project we will indicate how many of our senior consultants will be involved.  Even in circumstances where a particular senior consultant is not directly involved, it is our practice to engage all senior consultants in reviewing the final deliverables for the project, whether it is the report we prepare or the training we deliver.