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Ethical Decision Making in Social Research (Books: Ron Iphofen 2009)0

Posted by Admin in on May 22, 2015

BOOK: Iphofen R (2009) Ethical Decision-Making in Social Research: a Practical Guide. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

“This practical, user-friendly book is an invaluable guide to ethical decision-making in social research. Offering support and guidance throughout the research process – from designing research proposals and submitting them for ethical scrutiny to anticipating ethical dilemmas that might arise whilst research is being planned, conducted and reported – this is an essential companion for all professional researchers navigating the growing demands for ethical practice.

Central to the book is a unique ‘ethical review checklist’, which guides ethical thinking at each stage of a research project. The checklist helps researchers to anticipate harms and benefits at the outset of a project, but also supports ongoing monitoring of ethical concerns throughout the life of a project – be it counducted by an individual, research group or commissioning body. Further features include a template for developing a robust research proposal, a glossary of terms and a list of useful websites. The book also draws extensively on case studies of ethical decision making, grounding moral problems in real-life examples. Written in an accessible and readable style to appeal to a range of needs, this guide provides much-needed practical advice to supplement the ethical codes and guidelines offered by professional associations in the social sciences, and is based on insight and understanding of the moral problems that social researchers routinely confront.”

Dartmouth and Stanford Apologize After a Political-Science Experiment Gone Wrong – The Chronicle of Higher Education0

Posted by Admin in on May 22, 2015

A political-science study that involved a deceptive mailing to Montana voters raises questions about a new research trend.

Resourcing Practice, Not Policing Compliance: A New Role for Ethics Committees and Administrators.’0

Posted by Admin in on May 20, 2015

Key note paper presented by Dr Gary Allen at the 3rd Annual Australasian Ethics Network Conference, Brisbane, 15-17 March

Academy of Social Sciences Research Ethics Sub-Section, UK0

Posted by Admin in on May 20, 2015