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Data Ownership Guidelines (Resources: Example from an Australian school of Applied Psychology | 2016)0

Posted by Admin in on February 15, 2017

The School Research Committee sought to deal with the potential for conflict related to data ownership and access that can arise in collaborative research.

The AHRECS team believes that this resource provides an excellent template for collaborating researchers reaching a shared understanding on key research integrity matters. Too often misunderstandings about such matters can become toxic and cause lasting harm for all concerned. Even though it was produced by one School at one Australian university we believe this resource is well worth emulating.

One member volunteered to guide the process and following discussion at a Research Committee, he started to consider the problem space from various angles. A second member shared some materials she had picked up from her own collaborations, which were a useful starting point but were very focused on specific projects. He also reflected on some of the unfortunate, negative experiences that he and others had had and on what might have helped to avoid those. He went with the idea of sharing data and ideas that occurred in the context of different types of relationships that were marked by players of varying statuses and who had different goals and requirements. Consequently, he tried to outline what the possible benefits and risks were for each person in one of these relationships. Rather than mandating a single “way to share data”, he tried to lay things out to help people to consider their own benefits and risks and those of the intended collaborator, so as to put things out transparently at the beginning. Much of this work was guided by the guidance and advice the committee had from the University’s Senior Policy Officer.
Produced by Griffith University School of Applied Psychology Research Committee. Contact Bonnie Barber with any questions or to discuss reuse.

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Teaching Research Ethics Network0

Posted by Admin in on May 30, 2015

The TREN web site is an exciting outcome from Assoc Prof Lisa Wynn’s recent project (OLT-funded) on research ethics training for undergraduate and coursework students. In addition to discussing the results of the research (including case studies) the web site includes student training resources and sample applications for ethical review.

Clinical Trials Research Agreements0

Posted by Admin in on May 23, 2015

“The NSW, Qld, Vic and SA Health Departments (the SEBS States), together with Medicines Australia, have developed four Clinical Trial Research Agreements (CTRAs) in order to provide template agreements that are fair and reasonable for both sponsors and institutions and provide certainty of application in the commercial trial environment. Some of the individual clauses have been the subject of long negotiation through this process.”