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Planning Ethically Responsible Research (Books: Joan Sieber & Martin Tolich 2012)0

Posted by Admin in on May 22, 2015

BOOK: Sieber JE and Tolich MB (2013) Planning Ethically Responsible Research (2nd edition). Los Angeles: Sage.

“Extensively revised and updated to serve today’s needs for insight and solutions to the most vexing ethical and regulatory problems faced by researchers today, Planning Ethically Responsible Research, Second Edition guides readers through one of the most important aspects of their social or behavioral research: planning ethically responsible research. Authors Joan E. Sieber and Martin B. Tolich offer invaluable, practical guidance to researchers and graduate students to understand ethical concerns within real-life research situations, satisfy federal regulations governing human research, and work with the university’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). The book includes an abundance of useful tools: detailed instructions on development of an effective IRB protocol; methods for handling issues of consent, privacy, confidentiality and deception; ways to assess risk and benefit to optimize research outcomes; and how to respect the needs of vulnerable research populations.”

Dartmouth and Stanford Apologize After a Political-Science Experiment Gone Wrong – The Chronicle of Higher Education0

Posted by Admin in on May 22, 2015

A political-science study that involved a deceptive mailing to Montana voters raises questions about a new research trend.

Resourcing Practice, Not Policing Compliance: A New Role for Ethics Committees and Administrators.’0

Posted by Admin in on May 20, 2015

Key note paper presented by Dr Gary Allen at the 3rd Annual Australasian Ethics Network Conference, Brisbane, 15-17 March

UQ suppressed bus racism study: academics – Brisbane Times (Jorge Branco | February 2017)0

Posted by Admin in on February 27, 2015

Two Brisbane academics claim the University of Queensland suppressed the results of their study into racial discrimination on city buses after complaints from Translink.

But the university says the study was pulled because the pair didn’t get the proper ethics approvals before going ahead with their work.

In 2013, Dr Redzo Mujcic and Professor Paul Frijters, from the university’s School of Economics, published an early working paper finding strong evidence of discrimination against black-skinned people on Brisbane buses.

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