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Predatory Conferences Undermine Science and Scam Academics – Huffington Post (Dr. Madhukar Pai & Eduardo Franco, October 2016)0

Posted by Admin in on December 19, 2016

In our recent post, we wrote about predatory open access journals and the threat they pose to research and medical practice. Predatory OA journals are run by entrepreneurs (con artists, in our opinion) that have little or no scientific credibility, but publish “journals” which essentially print everything that is submitted to them, without any peer review or scrutiny, so long as they get paid.

The scary thing is that a predatory publisher now owns several Canadian medical journals, as revealed by investigations by CTV News and Toronto Star.

In this post, we hope to raise awareness about the growing menace of bogus conferences, organized by predatory publishers as well as specialized conference groups such as BIT Congress Inc, Conference Series Ltd, Event Series (both owned by OMICS International), PSC Conference and many others. These groups, often based out of China and India, run vanity conferences on nearly every conceivable topic. A cursory look at their websites is enough to understand the staggering breadth of topics they cover.

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Speaking with: Bad Pharma author Ben Goldacre about how bad research hurts us all – The Conversation’s ‘Speaking with’ podcast (Ben Goldacre September 2016)0

Posted by Admin in on December 16, 2016

We are living in a time where we have greater access to lifesaving medicines and treatments than ever before.

But we’re also seeing a surge in the rejection of the medical research and the scientific community in general, with anti-vaccination activists and climate change sceptics building followings and taking seats in government.

How do we bridge the divide to those who have lost trust in science?

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Friday afternoon’s funny – Your Study Has Been Retracted0

Posted by Admin in on December 16, 2016

We are retracting your study. I wanted you to know before the announcement.

What’s the problem?

There are anomalies in your data.

Is that bad?

Not if you can explain them.

Hang on, let me Google “anomalies.”

It appears you faked some of the data.

I prefer to say we “enhanced” it.


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500+ Resources – Part Four of Nominations of best resources0

Posted by Admin in on December 15, 2016

Have you let us know yet what your favourite resource is? No, then please don’t be shy be a contributor rather than just a visitor. Drop us a line to with your suggestion. This fourth nomination of favourite resources is from one of the AHRECS  senior consultants Dr Gary Allen.

The consent whiteboard produced by the social research students at UWA. Not because it’s perfect (yet is close to being perfect) but because I am always thrilled to see students (and indeed any group of researchers) think about how an ethical theoretical concept applies to their research | See the Resource Library entry

Having worked in the human research ethics and research integrity fields since 1997 I am always excited when someone comes up with a novel solution to a sticky problem. That’s why I loved Sara Hänzi’s tip for researchers who produce figures (images) for use in their research outputs (e.g. papers) | See the Resource Library entry