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American Anthropological Association – Research ethics resources0

Posted by Admin in on May 31, 2015

The AAA’s research ethics resources page includes:

AAA ethics blog
Draft Briefing Papers on Common Dilemmas Faced by Anthropologists Conducting Research in Field Situations
Handbook on Ethical Issues in Anthropology
Institutional Review Boards and Anthropology
AAA Statement on Ethnography and Institutional Review Boards
American Association of University Professors statement on Sexual Harassment
Committee on Ethics Statements
Ethics Code (Current review and the 2012, 2009, 1998 versions)
Teaching Ethics
Historical documents representing previous steps taken by the AAA to provide ethical guidance to its members
Other AAA groups that are currently addressing anthropological ethics
Links to other resources


British Sociological Association statement of ethical practice0

Posted by Admin in on May 31, 2015

The statement is available online or as a PDF download.  The following are sections of the Statement:

Professional Integrity
Relations with and Responsibilities towards research participants
Relationships with research participants
Covert research
Anonymity, Privacy and Confidentiality
Relations with & Responsibilities towards Sponsors and/or Sponsors
Clarifying obligations, role and rights
Pre-empting outcomes and negotiations about research
Obligations to sponsors and/or funders during the research process

British Educational Research Associations ethical guidelines for research0

Posted by Admin in on May 31, 2015

“This is the current version of BERA’s influential and important guidelines on educational research.”

Association of Internet Researchers0

Posted by Admin in on May 31, 2015

In addition to articulating the AoIR’s commitment to the ethical conduct of research this web site includes the 200 and 2012 reports on Ethical decision-making and Internet research 2.0: Recommendations from the AoIR ethics working committee.