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JIF-boosting stratagems – Which are appropriate and which not? (Paper: B Martin, 2016)0

Posted by Admin in on November 14, 2015

Journal editors report having come under pressure to increase the Journal Impact Factor of their publication. Unfortunately, this has spawned a range of questionable editorial practices designed to game the system, including adding multiple citations to the journal in journal editorials, increasing self-citation within the journal by pressurising authors, creating publication rings of self-citation practices between a small number of allied journals, queuing articles online for up to two years before hard publication. In a substantial and welcome editorial piece, Research Policy analyses these trends and argues that in compromising their own integrity editors are forfeiting their authority over other forms of research misconduct.

Martin, B. (2016) Editorial: Editors’ JIF-boosting stratagems – Which are appropriate and which not? Research Policy 45, 1–7.
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Ethics CORE (National Ethics Centre)0

Posted by Admin in on June 1, 2015

Please note that membership is required to access this resource. No one from the AHRECS’ team has reviewed the Ethics CORE.

The Flinders University’s research office that the site “is an online ethics resource developed by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It contains 5,400 full text articles, 45 professional society codes of ethics and other resources.”


Australian Psychological Society ethical resources0

Posted by Admin in on May 31, 2015

“APS members are required to abide by principles of professional conduct, responsibilities and confidentiality. These are set and monitored by the APS in its Code of Ethics. The Code was developed to safeguard the welfare of consumers of psychological services and the integrity of the profession. The APS Ethics Committee may investigate breaches of these standards, and those found guilty of breaches may be censured or excluded from membership of the APS.”

The web site includes links to:

APS Code of Ethics (Update 7 September 2007)
Go to APS Ethical Guidelines (Members only)
Ethics resources (Members only)
Charter for clients

Australian Association for Research in Education Code of Ethics (undated)0

Posted by Admin in on May 31, 2015

The following are the section headings of the AARE’s Code of Ethics

Moral reasoning
Four Basic Principles
Specific Principles – The Participants
Studying Groups
Research Institutions and the Public Domain
Research Methods
Social Responsibility
Reports of Research
Sponsorship and Ownership
Training Researchers
Editing, Reviewing and Appraising
Maintaining Ethical Standards