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Social Research Association – Ethical guidelines and resources0

Posted by Admin in on May 30, 2015

“The Social Research Association (SRA) is the voice for social research. We’re your professional membership body; led by social researchers, for social researchers.

“Promoting high quality standards of social research, we seek to represent, support, connect and inform our members and the wider social research community.

We have active branches, so please follow these links to see their pages: SRA Scotland, SRA Cymru, SRA Ireland and SRA North & Central England.”

The SRA web site includes links to
Ethics Guidelines
Ethics consultancy forum
The New Brunswick Declaration
Code of safety for social researchers

Singapore Statement on Research Integrity0

Posted by Admin in on May 30, 2015

“The principles and responsibilities set out in the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity represent the first international effort to encourage the development of unified policies, guidelines and codes of conduct, with the long-range goal of fostering greater integrity in research worldwide. The Statement is the product of the collective effort and insights of the 340 individuals from 51 countries who participated in the 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity. These included researchers, funders, representatives of research institutions (universities and research institutes) and research publishers. The Statement was developed by a small drafting committee (listed below); discussed and commented upon before, during and after the 2nd World Conference; and then finalized for release and global use on 22 September 2010.


The value and benefits of research are vitally dependent on the integrity of research. While there can be and are national and disciplinary differences in the way research is organized and conducted, there are also principles and professional responsibilities that are fundamental to the integrity of research wherever it is undertaken.


Honesty in all aspects of research
Accountability in the conduct of research
Professional courtesy and fairness in working with others
Good stewardship of research on behalf of others”

Retraction Watch blog0

Posted by Admin in on May 29, 2015

A blog that tracks the retraction of significant papers/articles.

Resources for Research Ethics Education0

Posted by Admin in on May 29, 2015

“The subject of this document is research ethics. The focus of “research ethics” is a very practical one: How should we as researchers act? Unfortunately, the choices we face are not always clear. And even those cases that are clear may at times be better characterized as “right vs. right” rather than “right vs. wrong,” For these reasons, our obligation is not necessarily to make the right decisions, but to strive to make the best possible decisions. In this context, “ethics” should not be confused with ethical theory, morality, and/or simply following the rules.

“As you read this document, please consider it only a starting point. You are encouraged to raise questions and initiate discussion about these issues with your teachers, your mentors, your peers, or your students or trainees. These discussions are the foundation for promoting awareness and understanding of the highest standards of responsible conduct of research.”