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Common Rule Revision – The Ethics Police Fight Back – Social Science Space (Robert Dingwall 2015)0

Posted by Admin in on December 20, 2015

“As might have been expected, the proposed revisions to the Common Rule regulating research ethics in federally funded research in the U.S. have not gone unchallenged.

The proposals are contained in a long and complex document. Even those of us who take a close interest in these things have struggled to assimilate 500 pages of dense prose. It is not, then, unreasonable that the consultation period has been extended by another 30 days. However, it is important that scholars who basically support the proposals take advantage of this to express positive views – because it is clear that there is a determined push back.

As I outlined in a previous blog, these revisions would mean that most social science research would be excluded from IRB review.

Any research involving standardized testing, surveys, interviews, or observations, including audio and video recording, of public behavior, including behavior online, will be able to proceed without further review. Certain types of experimental work will also be excluded, where participants experience ‘benign interventions [which are] brief in duration, harmless, painless, not physically invasive, not likely to have a significant adverse lasting impact…[or to be] offensive or embarrassing.’ These studies may include an element of deception provided the participant agrees to this in advance. Oral history, journalism, biography and historical scholarship about named individuals can proceed solely with reference to the disciplines’ own codes of ethics. The secondary analysis of administrative data, including many health and criminal justice records, even in identifiable form, will be excluded from review provided it complies with data protection legislation. Some research with children would still require review: standardized tests and non-participant observation would be excluded but not surveys, interviews and participant observation.”

Read the full item here.
Also see the earlier item about the change to the Common Rule

179 professors indicted in research publishing scam – University World News (Unsoo Jung 2015)0

Posted by Admin in on December 18, 2015

“In an unprecedented crackdown on academic misconduct, as many as 179 university professors from some 110 universities in South Korea were indicted on Monday after an extensive criminal investigation into a huge copyright scam.

The professors have been charged with republishing existing textbooks written by others under their own names by modifying the covers with the alleged connivance of the publishing companies.

According to the Prosecutors’ Office which conducted an extensive criminal investigation, this is the first time university professors have faced criminal charges for copyright violations using ‘cover-swapping’ tricks. It is also the first time so many professors have been indicted in a single investigation.

The unprecedented scale of violations has severely shaken the academic community and could have wider repercussions on public trust in academia, validity of research, and the global ranking of South Korean universities.”

Click here to view the full news report

Launch of the TRUST project call for competition – Enhancing better ethical practices in research0

Posted by Admin in on December 18, 2015

“INSERM is launching an international call for competition under the European project TRUST. This call aims at promoting better ethical pratices in research in low and middle income countries. We are seeking for 5 situations of ethics dumping in all the fields of research, open to all continents. An international judging committee will select 5 winners, each will receive €2,000.

•Launch date: Decembre the 14th, 2015
•Phase 1 deadline: March the 2nd, 2016
•Return date of letters of intent: March the 31st, 2016
•Phase 2 deadline: May the 2nd, 2016
•Date of announcement of results: June the 3rd, 2016

No personal data must be revealed in the case of study.

The application form is available at the following link, available both in English and in French:

It would be great if you could participate and/or disseminate this information to possible interested parties.

I hope my explainations are clear. Please, do not hesitate to come back
to us – – if you have questions.

With best regards,

Solveig FENET
Deputy-manager for the Horizon 2020-TRUST partner Inserm”

Global Bioethics Blog0

Posted by Admin in on December 15, 2015

“This is the English language blog of a collaborative bioethics project entitled ‘Strengthening bioethics capacity and justice in health’ funded by the Fogarty International Center

The project aims to promote research ethics and bioethics in Democratic Republic of Congo and Francophone Africa”

You can access blog at: