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Unraveling ethics : illuminating the moral dilemmas of research ethics (Journal: Christine Halse & Anne Honey 2005,)0

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JOURNAL: Halse, C., & Honey, A. (2005), Unraveling ethics : illuminating the moral dilemmas of research ethics, Signs : journal of women in culture and society, Vol. 30, no. 4 (Summer 2005), pp. 2141-2162

“This essay offers a critical, reflective analysis of some of the sticky moral questions that can entangle feminist researchers as they work to transform a research proposal into an application for ethics committee approval. We write not as philosophers or ethicists but as feminist social scientists reflecting on our struggle to do ethical research and to be ethical researchers in an environment governed by a regulatory model of research ethics. Our story is constructed as two intersecting narratives. In the first section of our essay, “A Narrative about Ethics,” we relate our account of how ethical theory plays out in the real world, drawing on our experience of preparing the ethics applications for an interview study with “anorexic” teenage girls and our struggles with two pillars of research ethics policy: defining the research population and eliciting informed consent.1 In the second section of our essay, “Ethics in Our Narrative,” we tease out the implications of the research ethics approval process for the people who participate in research and for those who desire to be ethical and moral researchers.”


Expert Consultation on Optimization of Health Research Ethics Governance Systems in the Western Pacific Region | Meeting report | World Health Organisation | Manila, Philippines 10–12 October 20120

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Ethical research involving children0

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“ERIC aims to assist researchers and the research community to understand, plan and conduct ethical research involving children and young people in any geographical, social, cultural or methodological context.

ERIC is motivated by a shared international concern that the human dignity of children is honoured and their rights and wellbeing are respected in all research, regardless of context. The critically important element in achieving this is YOU – your attitudes, values, beliefs, assumptions and practice – since these ultimately shape the research experience for children much more than any written procedures or checklist.”

The Clinical Ethics Resource0

Posted by Admin in on May 23, 2015

“The Clinical Ethics Resource provides an extensive range of resources addressing the ethical and legal issues experienced by those working in clinical environments. Health professionals face challenging issues on a daily basis. This website seeks to offer resources and best practice guidelines to assist with those decisions.

The website is part of a larger study into the practice of clinical ethics in New South Wales, Australia. The aim of the project is to identify what resources are necessary to develop clinical ethics capacity within the New South Wales health system, for example providing clinical ethics committees and/or making clinical ethics training more widely available. This web-based resource is aimed at providing initial support to people who are looking for further information and resources.

Search by topic to access guidelines, legislation, case law and position statements/policies of government authorities and professional bodies. We have also included references to some of the key articles and commentaries on particular topics.

While our focus is on the position in New South Wales our collection of resources comes from all around Australia and the world. If you have additional resources that should be included, please get in touch”.