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Retraction Watch blog0

Posted by Admin in on May 29, 2015

A blog that tracks the retraction of significant papers/articles.

‘Place-hacker’ prosecution ‘attack on intellectual freedom’ (Times Higher Ed, David Matthews 2014)0

Posted by Admin in on May 29, 2015

Oxford academic at centre of case says ‘clearly punitive investigation’ undermined ethnographic research   

“A University of Oxford academic who was discharged after being prosecuted for his involvement with a group that explores “off-limits” parts of cities has labelled the case against him an “attack on intellectual freedom” which has cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds.

“Bradley Garrett accompanied the “place hackers” as they scaled London skyscrapers including The Shard and explored abandoned Tube stations as part of his PhD research.

“He was one of a group of nine people who were charged with conspiracy to commit criminal damage and faced a Crown Court case in which the prosecution brought in a Queen’s Counsel.”

The University of Minnesota’s Medical Research Mess – New York Times (Carl Elliot 2015)0

Posted by Admin in on May 28, 2015

“MINNEAPOLIS — IF you want to see just how long an academic institution can tolerate a string of slow, festering research scandals, let me invite you to the University of Minnesota, where I teach medical ethics.

“Over the past 25 years, our department of psychiatry has been party to the following disgraces: a felony conviction and a Food and Drug Administration research disqualification for a psychiatrist guilty of fraud in a drug study; the F.D.A. disqualification of another psychiatrist, for enrolling illiterate Hmong refugees in a drug study without their consent; the suspended license of yet another psychiatrist, who was charged with “reckless, if not willful, disregard” for dozens of patients; and, in 2004, the discovery, in a halfway house bathroom, of the near-decapitated corpse of Dan Markingson, a seriously mentally ill young man under an involuntary commitment order who committed suicide after enrolling, over the objections of his mother, in an industry-funded antipsychotic study run by members of the department.”

Gerry Adams arrest: when is it right for academics to hand over information to the courts? – The Conversation (Mark Israel 2014)0

Posted by Admin in on May 27, 2015

“Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams was arrested by the Police Service of Northern Ireland for questioning over an abduction and murder committed in Belfast in 1972. He maintains his innocence and after four days in custody was released without charge.

Adams’s arrest followed the release by Boston College of oral history material deposited in their archives that had been gathered as part of the Belfast Project.”