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Friday afternoon’s funny – How safe is your data?0

Posted by Admin in on May 17, 2019

Cartoon by Don Mayne

Like most of Don’s work, this chuckle should prompt an important reflection. Do you have a robust plan for your research data?  Does it include:

  1. Data backup and disaster recovery?
  2. (If it is personally identified, sensitive, commercially valuable or otherwise risky) Involve storing the data in a coded form separate from the code key.
  3. Access control/privileges
  4. Discussion about
    1. Data transport
    2. Ethics
    3. Privacy
    4. GDPR
    5. Ownership and use
  5. Metadata
  6. A plan with regard to retention and disposal

Friday afternoon’s funny – Faster recruitment0

Posted by Admin in on May 10, 2019


Cartoon by Don Mayne

A recruitment method might be faster and more effective (e.g. If 6 colleagues work together).  But is it superior and ethically superior?  If that depends on who you ask, then you probably should conclude it isn’t.

Friday arvo funny: Peer review0

Posted by Admin in on December 7, 2018

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Friday afternoon’s funny – The Shape of Things to Come?0

Posted by Admin in on February 9, 2018

Cartoon by Don Mayne

How long until we have a paper written by an artificial intelligence? If we understand the science correctly – Quite a while. But routine laboratory experiments are already being conducted by robots and the conduct of a literature review might soon involve a collaboration between human and AI. So very soon we might need to seriously ponder at least acknowledging our digital research assistant for their contribution.