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About Us
Australasian Human Research Ethics Consultancy Services Pty Ltd (AHRECS)

Engaging AHRECS

We would be delighted to work with you on your upcoming human research ethics or research integrity projects.  The combined experience and track record of our senior consultants and our broader network means we are very well placed to deliver a quality result.

For many projects, identifying the precise objectives, components and deliverables will be a task the client will need assistance with. We can assist prospective clients in fine tuning their planned project.  In recent years a large number of research institutions, departments and other bodies have embarked upon reviews, reforms and training to address a perceived problem, to manage institutional risk, or to lift their approach to best practice.  Our experience suggests that an effective strategy involves a number of interdependent components.  AHRECS can work with you to develop a world class plan that can efficiently deliver quality results, on budget and on time.

Having carefully defined your project, AHRECS will provide a costed proposal, which will articulate what we can do for you, the options, the support/information we need from you, the cost and duration of the project.
AHRECS takes pride from the quality of our work and our ability to meet the immediate and long-term needs of our clients satisfaction.

Please contact us to start discussing how AHRECS can help with your next project.