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Ian Pieper

Ian Pieper

AHRECS Consultant

Ethics Consultant

Ian has organised a combined HREC seminar for the human research ethics committees (HRECs) based in South East Qld and Northern NSW since 2012.  As part of these seminars Ian has provided training in the practical application of the National Statement.

Ian is now based in the ACT where he is the Ethics Manager for ACT Health.  In addition to continuing to organise the South East Qld and Northern NSW HREC Seminar, Ian also organises a similar event for the HRECs based in the ACT.

Ian has conducted the induction, and general, training for several HRECs and at AEN conferences with a  particular focus in ensuring compliance with research governance frameworks.

Ian has been a human research ethics and governance consultant since 2012.  In doing so, Ian is following a long held interest in normative philosophies and practical ethics.  This venture follows on from his practical experience as the Research Governance Officer for the Gold Coast Health and Hospital Service and the Research Grants Officer (Health and Medical) for Griffith University.

Ian has formal qualifications from a number of Australian universities – Bachelor of IT, Grad. Cert. HRM, Grad. Cert. Research Ethics and a Masters of Ethics and Legal Studies and is a PhD Candidate with the Australian Centre for Health Law Research based at QUT.

Ian has extensive experience in the development and refinement of business processes, including the use of business computing applications, databases and computer programming.


Ian has a series of peer-reviewed publications on research ethics co-authored with Professor Colin Thomson and has presented on research ethics at national and inter-national conferences.

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