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Australasian Human Research Ethics Consultancy Services Pty Ltd (AHRECS)

Blueprints for change

Constructive change doesn’t happen by accident; it requires knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment

Our hands-on institutional experience is complemented by our academic work where we have explored strategies that are effective and identified why some long-standing practices are less successful. We have served on national drafting, reference group and oversight committees that have coordinated significant changes to national approaches in Australia and New Zealand.

As part of such work, AHRECS has:

  • participated in coordinating and implementation committee meetings.
  • offered practical options for how an institution could best achieve its objectives in a manner that is effective, efficient, sustainable and constructive.
  • identified potential pitfalls and helped avoid repeating mistakes made elsewhere.
  • advised on change management strategies that are likely to achieve the desired results.
  • provided formal advice and collegiate mentoring during the change process.
  • met with key stakeholders to refine approaches to ensure they are relevant, appropriate and ultimately result in lasting and constructive change.
  • ensured changes draw on a deep understanding of the research literature, professional experience, emerging issues and government statements.

All our advisory projects have been delivered on time and within budget. The reports we produce contain practical recommendations on how the change objectives can best be met. Before commencing such work, AHRECS provides a costed proposal and confirms there is a shared understanding of the objectives of the work.