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Constructive Voices Online Panels


The NHMRC, ARC and Universities Australia have had a busy 2018. Among other things, there is a new Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research has been revised.

AHRECS will be running two free Constructive Voices online panel discussions in November. The first will consider the new Australian Code (8th November) and the second the recent changes to the National Statement (22nd November).

Our observations of Australian institutions indicate it is easy either to do too much in response and end up with excessive bureaucratic requirements that make research harder, or do too little and risk institutional exposure to regulatory censure. The panels will last for 30 minutes and will include briefings from representatives of the NHMRC, and discussion of how institutions and researchers might best respond to the changes.

If you are interested in joining the online audience, you can register here where you will also find out more about the panellists. Details about joining the Zoom meeting will be circulated near the time.

If you would like to ask a question of the panel members, you can use the Q&A feature within Zoom during the meeting. However, you are more likely to gain a more considered answer if you email your question in advance to (for the Australian Code) or (for the National Statement).

Feel free to circulate this message to interested colleagues. We look forward to the possibility of seeing you there.

TopicDatePanel membersQuestions
Australian Code


8th November at 14:30 AEDTJillian Barr (NHMRC)

Kandy White (Expert Working Committee and Director, Research Ethics and Integrity, Macquarie University)
Colin Thomson (AHRECS)

What are the responsibilities of institutions for implementation of the new Code?

What steps should institutions take to meet these responsibilities?

What would you like to see happen over the next two years in relation to the Code and Guides?

National Statement 


22nd November at 14:30 AEDTJeremy Kenner (NHMRC)

Wendy Rogers (Chair National Statement Review Working Group, Macquarie University)

Pamela Henry (Chair of ECU, Human Research Ethics Committee)
Gary Allen (AHRECS)

What’s new?

How could researchers use and benefit from the changes?

How could HRECs use and benefit from the changes?


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