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Human Research Ethics

About the contributors

This a free living resource for the research integrity and human research ethics communities in Australia and New Zealand.  We hope researchers, ethics reviewers, policy and education officers and commentators will find this library interesting and useful.

The initial resources listed here were compiled by the senior consultant members of the AHRECS team. We are also grateful for the suggestions and contributions from the following colleagues:

  • Dr Charlotte Brownlow (USQ)
  • Shara Close (CDU)
  • Dalmeet Singh Chawla – Freelance Science Journalist
  • Chris Rose’Meyer (East Health Vic)
  • Prof Adrian Miller, Assoc Prof Karen Martin and Ms Bronwyn Wolski – Indigenous Research Unit Griffith University;
  • Simone Mooketsi (USQ);
  • Cathy Pitkin – CSIRO;
  • Archi Lovell – Office for Research Griffith University;
  • Dr Eliza Howard – Griffith Graduate Research School

Please send us your suggestions for additions and changes to the listed resources.

Rather than replicate the work we have done here we hope institutions and research groups will link to this library. Drop us a line if you do because we’d love to list you here.

We are in the process of organising an editorial team who will review and endorse resources to ensure their quality and usefulness.